Our CW Parker Carousel has other special features that must be restored. We’re looking for sponsors for the following:

Sponsor one of these items today!

WurliTzer Organ $10,000 SPONSORED

The WurliTzer Organ was built by Artizan Factories Organ of North Tonawanda, NY and is being restored inside and out. You can bring back the music with a donation of $10,000 and be recognized for returning this essential part of the carousel to full operation. You will get to throw the switch to hear it play for the first time!

Rounding Boards $8,000

16 rounding boards top the carousel. They are decorated with carved dragons and branches and joined together by shield-like mirrors. Sponsorship for $8,000 will return the rounding boards to their original glory. As in its heyday, local artists will paint iconic scenes of local interest on each board.

Chariots $5,000 SPONSORED

Two chariots found midway on each side of the carousel will be refurbished to near factory condition including the painting of appropriate images on the exterior and rear of each seat. One chariot will be converted into a platform for a wheelchair to ensure that people with mobility disabilities will also be able to enjoy a carousel ride.

Centre Column Panels $3,000

Surrounding the structure that holds the carousel up and enables it to spin are 16 vertical panels. You have the option of sponsoring one of these panels for $3,000.