Chippewa Park’s C.W. Parker Carousel is in it’s final lap to finish the restoration of this 107 year old designated heritage facility. We still need to raise $50,000 to make sure the entire carousel is ready for its next 100 years.

Sponsor one of these items today!

Over $500,000 of volunteer labour has enabled us to get close to the finish line. Thunder Bay Carvers have created over 100 components that will adorn various parts of the restored carousel – donating hundreds of hours of their personal time & expertise. Local artists are painting iconic scenes on the rounding board panels, while another is creating the front panels of the band organ. A key member of the restoration team is painting all of the newly carved elements along with touching up the horses during the installation of the jewels while painting the façade for the band organ. She along has invested over 500 hours of her time. Finally, a well known local artist has acted as our art consultant providing advise to the artists as well as personally matting and framing the drawings of a number of the horses.

We invite you to match their investment in time and talent with your financial contribution to the restoration.

In order to make it easier for families and businesses to participate in the restoration we have isolated a number of elements that would welcome your sponsorship.

Rounding Board Mirrors   -     $   200 each 

Centre Column Panels - $ 500 each

Rounding Boards - $1,000 each

Fabric Roof - $5,000

Every sponsorship will generate:

• A Charitable tax receipt.

• Recognition on the Friends of Chippewa website.

• Recognition on permanent signage at Chippewa Park.

• Commemorative framed illustration of your item, along with its photo.