Adoption Opportunities

Today, after bringing so much joy and memories for generations, the historical Carousel is in a damaged, vulnerable state. By adopting a horse, you, your family or your business will be a part of history. Your contribution can be paid over a number of years, and will provide lasting benefits and exposure to future generations.

Donations can be dropped off at either the 55 Plus Centre at 700 River Street or the Community Service Office in Victoria Ville Civic Centre. Cheques should be placed in an envelope and addressed to Chippewa Carousel Restoration c/o Tom Forsythe.

5 of 28 Horses have been adopted so far!

As a donor, you will receive:

  • Horse naming opportunity
  • Recognition on permanent signage at Chippewa Park
  • Recognition on the Friends of Chippewa website
  • Commemorative framed illustration of your horse, along with its photo and notes on its restoration
  • Corporate event hosted at Chippewa Park for staff, friends, and family; including free ride tickets
  • Opportunity to have your horse displayed in your location leading up to its restoration
  • Charitable or advertising receipt

According to renowned, international Carousel restoration specialist, Lisa Parr, Chippewa Park’s C.W. Parker is a very significant carousel as of all the Parker signature design carvings are included on all the Horses.

Ms Parr states,  “All the Horses are representative of Parker's best carving designs. Twenty-eight in all, each one is an extraordinarily nice Parker Horse. Sponsoring any Horse–when the animals are finished with new paint and all their jewels–will be a significant and sparkling way to give back to the community.”

In particular, the Dragon Horse, Hunter Horse, Flying Manes, Lion Pelts, and Partial Armored Horses are unique in that there is only one or the carving is spectacular.

It should also be noted that not all the special features are individual. One Horse may have not only the flying mane, but a puppy on the cantle. A flag-cantled Horse is also a partially-armored Horse, and so on.

We have separated the horses into two distinct categories based on Lisa Parr’s analysis and knowledge of the C.W. Parker Carousels.


6 Available for Adoption

The following horses have been described by Lisa Parr as being spectacular.

The Hunter (Lead Horse) 1 A

With gun and rabbit, very elaborately carved (1)

The Dragon Horse 2-A

A special Horse because of its visual relation to the Dragon on the Rounding Boards (1)

Partially-Armored Horses 2-B & 7-A

With one of the flag cantles, makes him doubly “desirable" as rare Parkers (2)

Lion Pelt Horses 14-B

Matched pair with Lion Pelts as saddle blankets, the lion head as the cantle (2). This pair is located side by side.

Flying Mane Horses 10-B

Two of the most signature of Parker's flamboyant style (2)

You can adopt one of these Spectacular Horses for $25,000. Which one would you like your name to be associated with for the next 100 years?


10 Available for Adoption

As Lisa Parr noted, each horse is an extraordinarily nice Parker Horse. Each horse is unique and there is likely one that captures your imagination. Here are the horses available for adoption along with their descriptions:

Fish 1-B

Silver Fish Cantle Design, jewels on left.

Rose & Flag 3-A

Roses Cantle Design, U.S. Flag Side Carving, jewels on Right.

Rose & Flag 3-B

Roses Cantle Design, tucked head, U.S. Side Flag Carving, jewels on Left.

Puppy & Tucked Head 5-B

Puppy Cantle Design, Tucked Head, carved right side Scroll, jewels on Left.

Stargazer & Fish 6-A

Silver Fish Cantle Design, Stargazer, jewels on Right.

Flag & Mane 7-B

Flag Cantle Design, Peek-a-boo Mane, jewels on Left side.

Wild West 9-A

Puppy Cantle Design, Gun & Lariat on Right, jewels on Right. Only one with Lariat

Puppy 9-B

Puppy Cantle Design. Jewels on Right.

Stargazer and Horns 10-A

Horns Cantle Design, Stargazer, jewels on chest strap.

Mane and

Puppy 12-B

Puppy Cantle Design, Clipped Mane, Neck Guard, jewels, on left.

You can adopt one of these Extra-Ordinary Horses for $20,000. Which one would you like  help restore so that generations to come will enjoy the carousel that you grew up on.

Adopted Horses


Adopted by Rob Prober


Adopted by Ed and Beatrice Metzler

11-A & 11-B

Adopted Karen and Ed Fukushima


Adopted by Danielle and Bill MacLaurin