Restoration Team

Woodcraft Design Team

The Woodcraft Design Team has been entrusted by the City of Thunder Bay and The Friends of Chippewa Park Carousel Restoration Committee with the care and restoration of the 28 rare C.W. Parker Carousel Horses.  They were selected for the restoration because of their vast experience in working with wood and heritage items.

Vic Germaniuk

Vic Germaniuk, the proprietor of Woodcraft Design, has a 33-year history of professional woodworking as a creator of a number of one-of-a-kind custom pieces from solid wood.  One key piece was the carved wings on the entrance doors into St. Anthony’s Church on Hilldale Road. Woodcraft design built the main floor exhibits for the Thunder Bay Museum, including many historic replicas. The firm has also rebuilt period furniture, miles of bent lamination wood in the building of curved staircases and custom doors.  Vic also worked closely with well known local carver, Frank Potocnik on his famous rocking moose which is built in much the same manner as the carousel horses. Over twenty years ago Vic, Larry Watson and Lou Mazerolle formed the Superior Association of Woodworkers (SAW) which is a guild of local wood enthusiasts who meet monthly and donate their time in the community. Vic is also an award-winning snow sculptor. 

Vic is also a professional sign painter and was a partner in the firm Signs by Germane. He was the official sign painter for the Canada Games here in Thunder Bay. He has also lettered hundreds of stock cars, pin stripped many street cars and hot rods along with a number of yachts.

Michael O’Connor

Mike’s arsenal of clients includes Disneyland Orlando, Disneyworld Anaheim, Disneyland Paris, Rainforest Café, Paramount Pictures and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre. His vast experience in the theme business has resulted in his knowledge and expertise of 3D sculpting in both additive and subtractive techniques, in wood snow and foam. He has extensive colour identification and matching from Veronica Cass Academy of Photographic Arts and Restoration. 

Larry Watson

For over thirty years, Larry has been the lead archivist in conservation and restoration for many period pieces for Fort William Historical Park. Over his career as a custom builder, which started in 1974, he has completed a number of reproductions while working for antique dealers. He has also taught an accredited woodworking course at Confederation College.

Tom Ihala

An independent and commercial woodworker for the past 40 years working primarily with solid wood, Tom, a meticulous artisan who has participated in hundreds of commissions based on custom pieces for clients locally and abroad. His skilled knowledge encompasses moisture content, glues, joinery, boat building, and the understanding of the complexity and coefficient of wood species. 

Michelle Reinelt

Michelle is an exceptionally fine technician when it comes to the brush. She is from a family of sign painters and learned the craft from her father, Kurt Reinelt, of Signs by Germane.